onymous / [άniməs] / adjective 

 : bearing the author's name (opposed to ↔ anonymous)


onymous, meaning 'bearing the author's name', aims to build an enterprising community of all creators who silently strive for their name. We believe the world is built by the names of onymous creators, not anonymous haters. Creators who silently devote themselves to their work and carve out their own path deserve more respect and should be known better. We, onymous, hope to support and encourage all creators to rise to fame and inspire young creators who aspire to be the top creatives.


nymo is a monogram typeface for all creatives. Each superimposed alphabetic unit creates a glyph ligature in combination. Derived from one’s name, the cryptographic monogram may perform as a symbol for each individual creators. Designed in 2013, the typeface was applied for a design patent through the international bureau, WIPO, in 2019 and was registered in various regions of the world in 2020 (DM/202 335). All intellectual property rights related to the typeface belong to onymous.studioContact for more information on using the typeface or collaboration proposals.


All items are custom-made for suiting each individual name. In addition to the regular products listed on the webpage, we welcome any kind of custom inquiry contacts, such as a completely new product in your mind or partial changes to the regular products.